OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you have a gate installed to your home? If so, you need to always make sure it stays in good condition with proper maintenance. If you want your gate to last a long time it’s important you take good care of it.

So here are some things you can do to maintain and keep your gate functioning correctly.

Surprisingly one of the most common parts of maintenance that gets overlooked is simply keeping the gate clean. To keep the gate looking it’s best you should regularly wash and wax your gate just like an automobile.

Once a gate’s appearance has become faded, rusted, or starts to flake off. It can become very expensive to have a gate removed, powder coated, and sandblasted. It won’t take long for the appearance of the gate to become tarnished if neglected.

That’s why washing and waxing your gate at least once a year can help keep it looking good for a very long time.


Dealing With Troublesome Pest


Pests like insects and animals can also be a problem whenever you have any type electrical system outdoor. Insects like snails can ruin a whole circuit board with the slime they leave trailing behind.

With even a little bit of moisture in it. It can conduct electricity and damage the gate’s circuit broad.

Spider webs with moisture can also cause the same type of problems to the board. Other pest like reptiles, bee nest, and ants can also cause lots of harm. Getting higher quality gate equipment will help against these pests.

Having gate equipment that’s higher quality will help protect against these intruders because it’s more resistant. This is because the circuit itself is dipped in a protective coating. With that being said, it’s also recommended that you keep an eye on any pests around your gate.

There’s no specific brand of gate equipment that will last indefinitely if you leave it up to pest. Your gate still needs to be inspected for any pest that may cause trouble to the gate.

Make sure the bearings stay lubricated if the gate system doesn’t have any sealed bearing hinges or wheels. Use marine grease to lubricate it. If your gate system uses internal chains or main drive chains, these chains need to be lubricated as well.

No matter what type of gate you have when it comes to quality. All gate systems need to be check periodically to ensure that they’re functioning correctly and opening and closing properly.