broken-garage-door-torsion-springThe title of this article sounds pretty preposterous, doesn’t it?  

It’s not that far fetched as you think. Things go wrong with garage door springs, and when they do, they can wreak havoc in your life. If you’re not careful, your lack of attention to the springs after all these years can cost you plenty.

Garage doors are heavy, and depending on what your garage door is made of, they can be as “light” as 100 pounds and as heavy as several hundred pounds. In terms of weight versus velocity, something as “light” as a hundred pounds or heavier coming down on something can have disastrous, if not lethal consequences.

Laws require that garage doors come down at a maximum of seven inches per second, so that anything in its path can get out of the way before being trapped underneath it… and it doesn’t matter if the garage door sensors are working. If the springs stop working for whatever reason, the door is going to come down with full force without warning.

This is not meant to scare you. It’s to possibly wake you up to the fact that your garage door and its related parts don’t last forever, and if you’re going to take your garage door system for granted, one of these days, your lack of attention to detail is going to cost you (and possibly others) plenty.

It’s been estimated that 30,000 garage door related accidents happen each year, and while most of those injuries center around cuts and lacerations, there are garage door related fatalities as well.

We always take it for granted that the bad things happen to others and that they could never possibly happen to us. If you’re not maintaining that something bad will never happen, but you’re not on a regular maintenance schedule with your garage door system, your denial will turn to an almost certainty.

Don’t try and replace garage door springs by yourself; because of the force generated by the springs, if you’re not used to working with those types of dynamics, life can go from good to game over in a matter of seconds.

Put your trust in a certified, professional garage door technician to tame your garage door springs so that you don’t have to.